Highlighted Publications

  1. Transition to adult care in pediatric solid-organ transplant: development of a practice guideline. Authors: Gold A, Martin K, Breckbill K, Avitzur Y, Kaufman M
  2. Air pollution and the development of posttransplant chronic lung allograft dysfunction Authors: Bhinder S, Chen H, Sato M, Copes R, Evans GJ, Chow CW and Singer LG.

  3. Organ donation and transplantation in Canada: insights from the Canadian Organ Replacement Register  Authors: Kim SJ, Fenton SS, Kappel JE, Moist LM, Klarenbach SWSamuel SM, Singer LG, Kim DH, Young, Webster G, Wu J, Ivis F, de Sa E and Gill JS.

  4. Pilot study exploring lung allograft surfactant protein A (SP-A) expression in association with lung transplant outcomeAuthors: D’Ovidio F, Kaneda H, Chaparro C, Mura M, Lederer D, Di Angelo S, Takahashi H, Gutierrez C, Hutcheon M, Singer LG, Waddell TK, Floros J, Liu M and Keshavjee S.

  5. Role of C-C Motif Ligand 2 and C-C Motif Receptor 2 in Murine Pulmonary Graft-versus-Host Disease after Lipopolysaccharide Inhalations Authors: MartinuT, Gowdy KM, Nugent JLSun J, Kinnier CVNelson ME,  Lyes MA,  Kelly FL, Foster WM, Gunn MDPalmer SM.

  6. Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Is Universal Screening the Right Approach? Authors: M. Fernández-Ruiz, A. Humar and D. Kumar.

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