About TTI


We want to share our story with you.

The Toronto Transplant Institute brings together transplant programs at UHN, SickKids,   St. Michaels Hospital and the University of Toronto Department of Immunology under one umbrella. Established several years prior, by Dr. Gary Levy, the current Director of the Institute is Dr. Atul Humar, Director of the UHN Multi Organ Transplant Program.

Our institute enhances the communication of information and activities related to transplantation across the University of Toronto affiliated sites. We aim to identify and promote education, clinical and research priorities across all partnering solid organ transplant programs.

Over the next 3-5 years, we will focus on a number of initiatives.

Examples of Identified Education Priorities:

  1. Further education of fellows by overseeing the AFC Diploma Certification training at UHN, SMH and HSC.
  2. Support innovation in education by awarding cross institutional grants for educational programs which place an emphasis on collaboration across disciplines and programs.
  3. Improve organ donation through High School Outreach Initiatives. This collaboration is with TGLN and involves transplant physicians and coordinators.
  4. Extend the Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM) with its existing online components, workshops, speakers, summer program and funding for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
  5. Continue yearly educational initiatives: Principals of Immunology course, Epidemiology training course (SPICE&B) and the MOT student training program.

Examples of Identified Clinical and Research Priorities:

  1. Establish dedicated and comprehensive transitional care programs and clinics to aid transitions from pediatric to adult care.
  2. Joint Living Donor recognition events every 1-2 years among three transplant programs.
  3. Kidney ex-vivo clinical trial as a combined effort between UHN, HSC and SMH.
  4. Development of standardize risk templates for utilization of exceptional distribution donors.

Our latest addition to the network is the Transplant in Motion activity report.

We want you to understand who’s in the transplant community, what’s happening and why it’s so important to be involved.

Posts on this blog will come from all members of the institute including physicians, coordinators, fellows, graduates and students. With your contribution to Transplant in Motion, we will be able to provide you with the latest news, information and activities. By sharing your publications and site events we can celebrate success and continue to contribute to future endeavors across all institutions.

For more information, please contact torontotransplantinstitute@uhn.ca


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