Redefining Education for Transplant Research Students

The Toronto Transplant Institute (TTI) hosted its first annual Student Research Day.  This also saw the inception of the Summer Student Program (also known as the TTI-SSP).TTI Pic 2

 Photo : The Toronto Transplant Institute, Summer Student Program Annual Research Day

The program was conceived out of a desire to instill a greater and more diverse comprehension of the field of transplantation and regenerative medicine among student researchers. Specifically, it is intended to expose students to topics that they would otherwise not encounter in their day-to-day research. Once a week, in addition to their various investigative responsibilities, students attended an educational activity highlighting some aspect within the field of transplantation. These ranged from statistics and the use of statistical analysis software to advanced concepts in scientific writing as well as bioethics and translational medicine. Students also had the chance to explore different occupations in medicine and healthcare during a career seminar where they could speak to experts from government, industry and academia in a small group setting. Many students described this as a highlight of the program.

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Keeping Canada Alive

Dr. Heather Ross, Director of the Cardiac Transplant Program, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN, was featured on the second episode of CBC’s series Keeping Canada Alive series. Dr. Ross discusses the average life expectancy of patients diagnosed with heart failure, how it’s increased from 2 years to 10 to 15 years for some patients, and how heart transplants affect the lives of those with heart failure.

The video features a conversation between a recent heart transplant patient in recovery and Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross also sees another patient who has heart failure and is currently using a mechanical pump and who wants to delay a possible heart transplant. Dr. Ross also discusses what this means for his quality of life moving forward. See Episode 2 of CBC’s Keeping Canada Alive.

Dr. Ross appears at 31:10 with first patient, and at 35:25 with her second patient.