Toronto Transplant Institute’s First Education Innovation Competition Brings Fresh Ideas to Life!

Clinicians, researchers, trainees and allied health professionals from across the Toronto Transplant Institute (TTI) delivered exceptional work for the first Education Innovation Grant competition.

“The aim of this fund is to provide support for novel education initiatives within Toronto Transplant. Each grant is designed to facilitate and implement educational programming, scholarship, and knowledge translation activities related to solid organ transplantation at the University of Toronto,” says Dr. Michael McDonald, Education Director of Toronto Transplant Institute.

With more than $50,000 in awards, this year’s 5 winning submissions will foster collaboration across programs within TTI and enhance training and education of students, colleagues, and patients.

“This year’s applications were of excellent quality all around, and we were very excited that our colleagues really embraced the opportunity to collaborate and develop innovative proposals.  We were especially happy to see a real focus on patient education – a number of these projects have potential to make an immediate impact on patient engagement and self-care activities,” he says.

The Big Reveal- The Winners of the 2015 Education Innovation Grant
Who they are and what they propose to do for the Toronto Transplant Institute

Dr. Kumar 2

Deepali Kumar, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)
Associate Professor of Medicine
Transplant Infectious Diseases & Multi Organ Transplant Program
University Health Network

Project:  “An Electronic Education Tool to promote Strategies for Safer Living and immunization after Transplantation” 

This electronic application will be created to help inform, guide and organize immunization records for organ transplant patients on a mobile device. It synchronizes with phone calendars to generate appointments for upcoming visits and generates auto reminders for the user as they approach.

Dr. Kim 2

Dr. Joseph Kim, MD, PhD, MHS, FRCPC
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine (Nephrology), University of Toronto
Co-Director, Kidney Transplant Program

Project:  “Development and evaluation of the effectiveness of a hybrid-course model in the delivery of an introductory program in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics for healthcare professionals”

Improvements, renewal and evaluation to the Summer Program in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (SPICE+B) online hybrid courses will provide research-related skills to members and affiliates, while improving the overall quality of researched performed within the TTI.

Tania Ferreira 2 Sunita 2

Tania Janaudis-Ferreira, PT, MSc, PhD
Scientist, West Park Healthcare Centre
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto
Sunita Mathur, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto
Affiliate Scientist, UHN – Toronto Rehab Institute

 Project:  “Ready, Set, Go! Raising Awareness of Transplant Recipients on physical Activity and Exercise”

A two-day educational symposium will be created for awareness of the benefits of physical exercise to transplant patients (adult and pediatric). Some events include a “how to engage structured exercise and physical activity at home and within the community, preparing transplant recipients who are planning to participate in the 2016 Canadian Transplant Games and raising awareness around exercise and physical activity to improve physical function and quality of life after organ transplant.

McGilvray Ian

 Dr. Ian McGilvray, PhD, MD, FRCSC
Associate Professor of Surgery, Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute, Cancer Research Unit, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Project: “Video-based Transplant Patient Education- Kidney Transplantation”

An educational video on kidney transplantation will be created for patients (donor and recipient).  This video will provide patients and their families an easily-understandable summary of the problems, risks and consequences involved in transplantation.

 w tamminen-photo

Dr. Wendy Tamminen, PhD, Lecturer, Department of Immunology, University of Toronto

Project: “Online Immunology for Transplantation Education”

A series of six 1-hour online immunology lectures will be available to all members of TTI.  The lectures will include general principals of clinical immunology relevant to the interrelated clinical fields of transplantation, autoimmunity, allergy, cancer and a two lecture unit which focuses specifically on transplantation (basic mechanisms and clinical concepts).

“Over the next year the Toronto Transplant Institute is looking forward to following the progress of each of these projects and expects that they will serve as a model for further development.  There is great potential to scale these activities up to become real ‘flagship’ educational activities at TTI with national and international impact,” says McDonald.

For an update of each project stay tuned as Transplant in Motion will provide the latest for each project, how it’s developing, the challenges they’ve overcome and the successes that have been realized from each.

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